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The power of bench-marking | Innovation leads to success and precision to Goldencell

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Innovation leads science and technology

Ingenuity never changes

All staff innovative make Goldencell smarter and better


Innovation - keep changing and innovation

      In recent years, Goldencell has carried out refined management, guided and encouraged all departments to actively research and develop new products, encourage technological innovation, promote cost reduction and speed up production efficiency, and the innovation tendency has prompted the "huge benefit ". they have the courage to break through the innovation, with ingenuity to create products, the essence of "artisan innovation spirit" permeates the development of Goldencell Technology company.


A new star-New start

Small innovations bring big benefits

      Neither break nor through. First break and through. Employees from the engineering management department, including Guo Yunxiao, Li Ming, Ji Xinxin, Xu Ying and Gao Zhonghua, are diligent in thinking and good at studying. They build dreams with innovative thinking based on their positions, constantly tackle technical problems, and create their own equipment to clean non-woven cloth and wipe belts. After the implementation of the innovative scheme, it saves the scrubbing time of employees and saves the cost of about 280,000 yuan per year. Small innovation has created great benefits, people with ingenuity and innovation for the company to improve the quality and efficiency and reduce costs.


Innovation never end


      Accumulate thick implement, get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh. Han chengjian, Sun Hao and Song Wei from the Technology RESEARCH and development Department developed the first set of parallel standard energy storage power supply of the company and put it into use, which can monitor the operation in real time, effectively realize the power discount of peak and provide strong data support for the development of new energy storage power supply of the company.


Innovation originates from practice

       Deeds are performed by thought, and deeds are performed by strength. After several attempts and practices, Tao Yu from the production management department has effectively reduced dust fluttering and well controlled the dust in the workshop...


      The "story" of innovation takes place in Seiko Electronics every day with perseverance and excellence. This is a true portrayal of the spirit of "being brave in innovation and overcoming difficulties" of every elite worker, and it is also the courage and responsibility of elite workers to "race" with the market demand in the face of enterprise survival and development.

Pursuing excellence - innovation wins the future


Focus on originality

innovation and coagulation heart in the new era gather strength

new journey to seek innovator into only innovator strong heart

move forward in the past to pursue excellence on the road  people walk without stop