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Intelligent manufacturing future digital enabling | Goldencell electronic MES project officially launched

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                  On August 18, 2020, Shandong Jinggong Electronic Technology Co., LTD JGNE), the launching meeting of an new factory digital production line (MES) construction project was held grandly in the meeting room on the second floor of the company. President Xiwen Ke, deputy president Yong Wang, deputy president Zhong-hua Zhou, Hong Liu and company related department key staff. The president of east China of Siemens industry software Co Ltd-- Yuehu Zhaoi, the president of Aoweipuli inte lligent technology co., LTD--Yongdeng Ma, other leaders and project teams took part in the meeting.

New journeyThe Future of Information

     Informationize driven manufacturing. Wang Yong, who is the deputy president of Jinggong Electronics, delivered the opening speech . Mr. Wang said that in order to realize fine management and control the cost of production process, the company has introduced advanced information technology and management methods in recent years, gradually changing from manual management to automated,informationized and intelligentized management. At this period, the introduction of MES system will build an intelligent production platform for the workshop executive end, build a traceable management system, and improve an ability of production control again. At the same time, deputy president Wang proposed that the launch of MES system requires the participation of all staff, continuous learning and continuous improvement to ensure the smooth launch of MES project drive manufacturing acceleration.


New changeIntelligent future

          Digitization for a better future. First of all, the president of JGNE--Xiwen Ke thanked Siemens industrial Software and Aoweipuli for their support. Second, Xiwen ke has emphasizes the change of the future, JGNE has been practice standardization and fine management, industrial park of new factory production and management will be fully realize intelligent, digital, standardization, we want to take this opportunity to lean from the Siemens industry software and Aoweipuli, committed to launched the MES system into Siemens industry software to split with the company's projects benchmarking, eventually achieve the "three win".


New dreamsinnovative future

        A new realm of innovation. The president of Siemens Industrial Software East China-- Yuehui Zhao, who was fully affirmed the industry precipitation and technical strength of JGNE; At the same time, Mr. Zhao said that he would fully implement the corporate culture of Siemens industrial software, which is "take responsibility, persistent in innovation and pursuit of excellence", and strive to make the MES project of Jinggong Electronic perfect, contributing to the development of China's digital industry.  

          Build a new future through win-win cooperation. The president of Aoweipuli--Yong Ma, showed the strong development strength of the project team .Mr. Ma mentioned that through the previous investigation, he had put a solution for this project according to local conditions. President Ma said that based on the cooperation opportunities of the three parties, with the joint efforts of all parties, this MES project will be built into a benchmark of intelligent manufacturing in the industry.

              The senior director of The Company--Zhongxiao Tian explained the overall plan of the project in detail from the aspects of project background, project scope, actual plan, main structure, implementation guarantee and so on.



New energy, intelligent future

     Technology can change the world, the successful conclusion of the kick-off meeting for the company's fine management put into new momentum. After the project, JGNE will drive the overall information management refinement, production intelligent, transparency of the production process, the quality supervision for controllable, product traceability, intelligent data analysis, etc., for building "digital" manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, workshop management system to lay a solid foundation; thus, to realize lean production smart and wisdom.