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Future and glory|The commencement ceremony of goldencellbattery electronic lithium battery purification project achieved a complete success

Release time:

On July 30, the groundbreaking ceremony of the lithium battery purification project of Shandong Goldencell Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was held in China Aerospace New Energy Industrial Park.Mr. Tao Peng, Executive Director of Zaozhuang High-tech East Zone Operation Co., LTD., Mr. Xiwen Ke, General Manager of Shandong Goldencell Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Xianan Zeng, General Manager of Shanghai Engineering Center of The Fourth Construction Co., Ltd. of China Electronics System Engineering, Mr. Fenggang Wang, General Manager of Marketing Center in Nanjing, and more than one hundred CEFOC employees attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

Quality first  sincere and far-reaching

Mr. Xiwen Ke, General Manager of Goldencell, delivered a speech for the ceremony. Mr. Ke first expressed his gratitude to all government leaders and cooperative teams at all levels that cared and supported the construction of the industrial park project. Secondly, Mr. Ke said that the project is of great significance and Goldencell will adopt high-tech equipment, equipped with advanced technology, to create the world-class production line, to provide customers with high safety and high quality products; Finally, Mr. Ke emphasized that all our teams should cooperate sincerely and unite as one, so as to ensure the high quality completion of the lithium battery purification project and set a new model for the industry.

Self cultivation and craftsmanship


Mr. Xianan Zeng, General Manager of Shanghai Engineering Center of CEFOC, said the project fully conforms to the development direction of our country's 13th Five-Year Plan and will achieve win-win results. At the same time, Mr. Zeng introduced that CEFOC has rich full life cycle service capacity of lithium battery factories, and expected to jointly promote the quality improvement and upgrading of domestic lithium battery industry. Mr. Zeng solemnly promised to complete the project construction in a safe, punctual, and high-quality manner and hand it over to a first-class modern factory of Goldencell.


A long way to go and a long way to go

A good day and a good time

Commencement ceremony of lithium battery purification project

be crowned with success

The time is right

When this prosperous age and have honor

The future can be expected

Quality wins the world and wisdom creates the future